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We are here to bring Peace and Happiness in the society.

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History of the organization

Sakthi means “Energy,” the very foundation of this Universe. We are a non-religious, nonprofit organization, tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Sakthi Foundation was started in 1998 by Professor Sendurai Mani and Dr. Pradheep Chhalliyil, with a mission of helping people worldwide, irrespective of nationality, gender, religious beliefs, etc. This organization continues its service and is now expanding its boundaries to help many other organizations that make a difference in the lives of people all over the globe.


To provide relief to the humanity by integrating the five basic principles of nature with our ancient cultural heritage.

Mission of Sakthi Foundation is to unify everyone by helping to understand that their views are only different levels of expressions of one single concept (Energy). This unification or unity in diversity is Peace or love or happiness, which is established only by embracing our view with others view.

Why do we need culture?
Culture preserves the most valuable aspect of human, which is the mind. We document many ancient methods on health science, Human relationships, Education and many more aspects that are beneficial to all on this site.

Why do we need old when we are evolving to modern ways?
Though we are advancing day by day, the perceptions of human mind and the body remains the same. The stability of mind is also lost where we are finding even very young kids undergoing stress and being out of balance in this new

age of technological advancement. The world will soon be in chaos, if we just forget our roots and traditional cultural practices which sustain the whole system in balance. So, we not only convey the importance of our ancient culture but also explain the reasons behind following those practices using the pattern of Five elements. We reveal the secrets behind celebrating different festivals in a logical and scientific manner taking the help of Uni5 pattern which makes it very easy for the modern day child to accept and participate in the rituals with enthusiasm.

One day when we don't understand the importance of wisdom, we will have this site to refer and revive the humanity. Here we have five levels of information on the topics of Health, Relationships, Education, Selftual Awareness and Consciousness for eternity. Any time when we are in the need of the most valuable information or knowledge, this site will definitely have it.

Our Primary activities include:

  • We give health awareness tips for all diseases through our web site and emails. We conduct free eye camps to poor senior citizens and restore vision.
  • We give positive words of wisdom to overcome depression and lack of purpose in life through mes-saging chat programs like whatsapp and telegram. More than 1000 members listen to our every day messages.
  • Cultrual heritage: The CCC, CAC, CCC2 classes conducted every week in several cities of Tamilnadu has helped children (CCC), adults (CAC) and corporate employees (CCC2) to connect to cultural heritage and understand the value of culture. Through these classes, positive thinking, inspirational thoughts and means to handle relationships are given. Several attendees have reported tremendous benefits to lead a happy life.
  • We support Uni5 Schools - an Energy Pattern based Education right from infancy to high school.
  • We give awareness talks in several countries to understand that the purpose of life is to be happy at all the five levels of our being.
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Our mission is to provide Right-Awareness to people in all walks of their life and help them to lead a happy life. Our funding comes through public donations using which we help the needy irrespective of their nationality, sex, caste, race, religion or economic status. We are looking for funds to implement and practically work on our several projects that are beneficial for the wider community.