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We feel so happy that we were able to perform the KARMA of making UNI5 research fairs in History and Science and Tailoring session exhibits, Baratha Natyam performance this year on April 10th and 11th in Poraiyaar Andavar Middle school. The efforts each government teacher and UNI5 teacher has taken under A.Venkatesan shows the social responsibility! The model school for this nation to implement UNI5 along with other system is Poraiyar and the models are these teachers and they got awarded this year. We thank Dr.Pradheepkumars and Mr.Pranav their son for making us to know the research fair from USA. Dr.Pradheep has made his 2 days presence and gave the space for real thinking, self connecting and expressing. We feel happy to see the confidence of many students to face the judges and questions. We thank the public donars for sponsoring for a good cause and Dr.Narayans for their gifts and Ms.Jeya's gift. Every event the students did was with real interest and effort and this will some where make them to evolve in their education, life in future for which we all have united. Certificates, Thirukural book, Barathiyar poem book, shields were celebrated by students. When their teachers received their awards they cherished and applause. This is BARATH RATHNA for any teacher. The most important aspect of the fairs is in each group a slow learner participated and performed with real confidence. We thank for zoom links, public look and others who worked for this. The regular hospitality given by Venkatesan's family has to be highlighted. We thank Mr.Hiran Venkatesan for his right time help. Next year fair topics were discussed with more challenges. Let us move ahead to make a correct students community with correct thinking. Thanks to Sakthi Foundation for all support!

History topics Early Cholzhas and Rajarajan 1 - PONNIYIN SELVARGAL Science topics Mathematics in cooking, fishery, farming. pH levels of Poraiyar water sources Grade 8th did the research.